USA School Lunch - Cookies and Sprite

Country: USA

Contents: A bag of Oreo cookies, a lollipop, a chocolate cupcake and a can of Sprite

Notes: You would think that most lunches brought from home would be more nutritious than the stuff served at schools, but that's not always the case. I hope this child packed their own lunch, because there is no excuse if a parent is responsible.


  1. That is pretty bad. But I do recall some of my (high school) lunches being like that. (Unfortunately).

  2. Yeah, it does happen in High Schools, but this is an elementary, which makes it much worse.

  3. Brings back memories. I used to eat like this in junior high school! 50 cents for the pop, 50 cents for a candy bar. Some days I'd spend another 50 cents for a hot dog. I guess I really liked eating junk food back in the day.

  4. You can't blame the child. The parent is still responsible for buying such things.
    I used to have students who would bring donuts as snacks...Cheetos or Doritos is a popular item with Capri Sun for snack. Lunch is usually cafeteria food, but it's a lot of food going to waste.


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