UK School Lunch - Fish and Chips

Country: UK

Contents: Fish, fries, dessert, beans, corn, bread, pasta salad

Submitted by: Jerry


  1. What's the yellow sauce on the cornbread?

  2. Looks like custard.

    I thought most schools were trying to cut back on the chips? Still, I suppose this is on a Friday (fish and chips day)!

  3. Ew! Is dessert seriously taking up half the plate?

  4. Dude! A "desert" is a giant pile of sand. A "dessert" is a sweet treat eaten at the end of a meal.

    You have two posts with "desert" in them!

  5. That's terrible...all yellow food. No wonder the UK has one of the highest obesity rates in the world!

  6. The dessert, I'm guessing it's treacle pudding. Awfully sweet but good occasionally.

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