USA School Lunch - Chicken Tacos

Country: USA

Contents: Chicken tacos, sour cream, corn and peppers, iceberg salad, shredded cheese, banana, and skim milk.

Source: Kelsey, from the Environmental Charter School, Pittsburgh, PA

Notes: Lots of chicken! That's great!

USA School Lunch - Bento

Country: USA

Contents: Melba toast, pomegranate seeds, one Trader Joes dark chocolate sea salted caramel square, sweet potato chocolate chip cookie. Bottom is spinach artichoke dip, Wegmans chicken salad, caprese salad, mini sausages, turkey slice, sharp cheddar cheese.

Source: Nicole J.

Notes: "Lunch for my teen in her lunchbot container." That's one lucky child. My mom gave me PB&J when I was a kid.

USA School Lunch - Chili with Cheese

Country: USA

Contents: Chili with cheese, greens, salad with cucumber and tomato, skim milk and cheesy potatoes (?)

Source: Kelsey, from the Environmental Charter School, Pittsburgh, PA

Notes: I love greens. Some collard or mustard greens, cooked in chicken broth, with some brown sugar and chili flakes. Mmm-mmmm. My kids love them too!

What's For School Lunch on TV's The List

Take a look at this video. I was on TV's "The List" for about 1.5 seconds, talking about school lunch. Does that make me famous? Yes, yest it does.

USA School Lunch - Chicken Wrap

Country: USA

Contents: Chicken wrap with a whole wheat tortilla, spinach, red pepper, chicken and dressing, baby carrots, apple, and skim milk.

Source: Kelsey, from the Environmental Charter School, Pittsburgh, PA

Notes: As an adult I find this appealing, I wonder if the kids did as well?

USA School Lunch - Stir Fry

Country: USA

Contents: Banana, orange slices, snap peas, stir fry with broccoli, red pepper and beef, rice, low fat milk.

Source: Kelsey, from the Environmental Charter School, Pittsburgh, PA

Notes: Lots of fruits and veggies, protein, starch, dairy. Looks good!

USA School Lunch - Salad

Country: USA

Contents: Salad with cauliflower, tomato, greens and red onion (?)

Source: Kelsey, from the Environmental Charter School, Pittsburgh, PA

Notes: I'm going to assume that this is not the entire lunch, but a delicious and nutritious part of one. I think kids need more than just salad. The addition of some protein, or adding a starch like a roll, will help fill them.

USA School Lunch - Chicken Bok Choy

Country: USA

Contents: Chicken Bok Choy a sweet/spicy stir fry of locally grown BokChoy Cabbage, Maui Pineapples & Onions, papaya, banana, milk

Source: @VSASLunchLady from Volcano School of Arts and Sciences

Notes:Wow, that looks gourmet!

Foodcourts in Schools

In Singapore, it is common to find food vendors in school, offering kids a wide variety of healthy, affordable food. Would something like that work here in the USA? Here is a very interesting article on the foodcourts in Singapore's schools.

USA School Lunch - Steak Salad

Country: USA

Contents: Salad with steak and cheese, cucumbers in sauce, apple, wheat roll and tapioca pudding (?)

Source: Kelsey, from the Environmental Charter School, Pittsburgh, PA

Notes: I'm a sucker for tapioca. Love seeing Romaine, rather than Iceberg.

USA School Lunch - Beef and Broccoli

Country: USA

Contents: Beef and Broccoli, rice, clementines, milk, cucumbers

Source: @VSASLunchLady from The Volcano School of Arts and Sciences

Notes: She said the kids loved it. Big portions!

USA School Lunch - Chicken Burrito

Country: USA

Contents: Chicken burritos, shredded cheese, Spanish rice, pineapple, toppings

Source: Kelsey, from the Environmental Charter School, Pittsburgh, PA

Notes: That chicken looks pretty good!

Diabetic Girl Served Pizza from the Trash

A Utah mom is outraged after she learned school lunch staff fed her daughter pizza that had been placed in a garbage can.

The eighth-grader at Pleasant Grove Junior High has learning disabilities and suffers from diabetes. Wednesday, after taking an insulin dose to account for the pizza, she went to the cafeteria only to be told the meal was gone.

Alpine School District officials said the 10-minute bell had rung and the lunch staff had already cleaned up most of the food. The girl insisted on having pizza until the lunch manager offered her some leftovers that had already been thrown away.

Inside School Food

Inside_school_food_website_tileWhat's for School Lunch was discussed on the season finale of Inside School Food. You can listen to the whole episode here. It really is a great show, with a lot of interesting information. Thanks to Laura Stanley for the mention and support.

The Besty's Favorite Restaurants List

What's For School Lunch is now featured on The Besty's! I have listed some of my favorite local eating spots. Check it out here!

Brazil School Lunch - Ground Meat & Veggies

Country: State school in Itaim Paulista - SP Brazil
Contents: Rice and beans, ground meat, shredded veggies on top, water.
Notes: Looks like taco salad. Yum!
Source: Elizabeth R. Via our Facebook page

Kids are Accepting Healthier School Lunches

So supposedly Kids are Accepting Healthier School Lunches. While this would certainly be good news, I do have a couple concerns about the legitimacy of the claim. First, it is a non scientific survey. Second, the kids were not polled, school leaders were polled. The results are based on whether or not the school leaders perceive the kids as being more accepting or not. So it seems rather subjective and from a narrow perspective. What are your thoughts? Are your kids enjoying the new school lunches?

Singapore School Lunch - Rice and Slaw

Country: Singapore
Contents: Rice, fruit (?), meat (?), slaw.
Source: Mei
Notes: The submitter didn't mention what was included. She describes it as "medium sized balanced meal."

Ukraine School Lunch - Soup and Noodles

Country: Buchach, Ukraine

Contents:Soup, macaroni, pickle, bread, sliced hot dog

Source: Lacey

Notes: Nothing fancy, but diverse and nutritious. I'd like to try the hot dog.

Ukraine School Lunch - Soup and Potatoes

Country: Buchach, Ukraine (primary and secondary school)

Contents:Soup with potatoes, buckwheat, cutleta (sausage patty), and a pickle.

Source: Lacey

Notes: "I'm a TEFL Peace Corps volunteer serving in Ukraine. This lunch came from the school I teach at."

Thailand School Lunch White Rice, Chicken, Egg and Green Beans

Country: Thailand

Contents: It is white rice, chicken, green beans and a fried egg.

Source: Emmely (The Netherlands)

Notes: "This picture is from back in 2009, when I was visiting the refugee camps in Thailand together with 7 other ambassadors for ZOA refugee care. This is a lunch prepared by students in the refugee camps who took cooking classes in their school. It was delicious!"

USA School Lunch - Chicken Noodel Soup

Country: USA

Contents: Chicken noodle soup, apple slices, herbed baby carrots, and a garden salad.

Source: Kyle S

Notes: I would probably leave the lunchroom a little hungry, but I'm an adult. This is certainly much healthier than many of the other USA lunches previously posted.

Hogie and Carrots

Country: USA (Portland, OR)
Contents: Small hogie sandwich, string cheese, carrots, and apple slices.
Source: B.C.
Notes: This is a homemade lunch for her boy in kindergarten.

New Obama School Lunch Regulations

Students Criticize Michelle Obama's School Lunch Regulations.
What are your thoughts on the new regulations? What have your children said? I work with kids and a lot of them have reported being very hungry.

USA School Lunch - Chili

Country: USA (Summer Day Camp)

Contents: Chilli, three bean salad, corn, V-8 Fusion 100% juice and sour cream

Source: Anonymous

Notes: Mmm, chili. For some reason my wife won't let us have chili in the summer, she says it is a winter food. Nope, it's delicious year round. Also, I just got those V-8 Fusions, and they have a full serving of fruit and a full serving of veggies per can.