Djibouti School Lunch - Rice and Beans in Sauce

Country: Djibouti

Contents: I don't know. Looks like rice or beans in a sauce or curry.

Submitted by: Me


  1. Hmm Well this one looks kind of sad. Do they get silverware or just eat with their hands tied behind their backs?

    1. ARE YOU RETARDED.....I THINK U ARE...eating with their hands tied behind the back...your fucking sad Sharon ...and silverware you CLEARLY can see that its hard enough just getting food for them so why would u ask..ur sick in the head and i know FOR a Fact your not happy in your life if you have time to comment on sad things like this.....i dont even know who the fuck you are but i can already tell what kind of person you are you probably have friends but there not actually friends you probably are insecure about your whole fucking body and you probably are depresssed..And i don give a fuck how old this message is....Someone needed to punk ur Nasty ass SELF.

  2. Hmm Well this one looks kind of sad. Do they get silverware or just eat with their hands tied behind their backs?

  3. Djibouti is very close to Ethiopia. I bet they also eat with their hands.

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