France School Lunch - Fries and Hamburger Patty

Country: France

Contents: French fries, a piece of baguette, burger patty, cake, puff pastry with cheese and bacon, and a cup of something to drink.



  1. Not sure why the previous comment didn't get posted, resending it just in case.
    The golden packed thingie at the back is a portion of Camembert cheese and there's also some Yoghurt.
    Most likely the beverage is just plain tap water.

  2. Also there's some bug with the captcha form layout : anything below the captcha image is clipped out, hence the difficulty to post any comment.

  3. Boy they eat good in france! That's a lot of awesome food!

  4. that's not a cup of something to drink but a yoghurt. Shools can only deliver water in France


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