USA School Lunch - Corndog and Fries

Country: USA

Contents: Chocolate milk, baked beans, fruit, ketchup, french fries, a corn dog and coleslaw.



  1. Here in Japan they call corndogs 'American Dogs'. I explained to my students that we call it a 'corndog' in America. Their sheltered little heads exploded.
    'Why?' they asked.
    'The bread part is made of corn,' I answered.
    'Nu uh, it`s made of bread.'
    'Yeees...and that bread is made from corn flour.'
    I got blank stares in return. I`m sure they thought I was lying.


  2. That's a funny story. You should make them cornbread. It is a slightly sweet bread, made from corn meal, that is very popular in the US, particularly in the South. It goes great with honey, and butter.

  3. I know what cornbread is. ^_~ I may live in Japan but I was born and raised in the American.
    My mom`s holiday cornbread stuffing is one of the only things that really makes me homesick.

  4. I meant to say `in the American country side.`` Dunno how that happened. I kan too speaks good za engrishes.

  5. We feed our kids the worst meals imaginable in the US public school system. Look at that?! You'd never order that at a restaurant or make it at home. Who comes up with this?!


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