South Korea School Lunch - Omelet and Tuna Salad

Country: South Korea

Contents: Rice, omelet with ketchup, kimchi, salad of tuna, corn, onions, eggs, and cucumbers.

Submitted by: Charity W.

Notes: There are people that put ketchup on eggs in the USA, but I wouldn't call it a common practice.


  1. I love ketchup on scrambled eggs but that's it. All other egg dishes are eaten as themselves.
    Do you know "omurice"? It is a Japanese food inspired by omelets. It is a huuuuge omelet stuffed with chicken and ketchup flavored rice with ketchup on top. Very popular thought I don't like them myself.

  2. 접시를 보니 학교에서 먹는 것같지는 않고, 야외에서 (소풍갈때?) 먹는 것같군요. It looks like the food is not served in the school, but rather at picnic.


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