France School Lunch - Chicken Nuggets and Fries

Country: France

Contents: Chicken nuggets, fries, broccoli, pasta salad, baguette, dessert water,

Notes: For all the bragging they do about their food, I'd expect better. Still, I suppose I'd eat it.


  1. Nuggets, fries, baguette AND PASTA salad (in case you did not get enough carbs and fat with the rest)!!! There is butter on the plate too! Vive la France!

  2. I think you need some lightening from a french girl, who has always eat at the canteen since I was...maybe 3.

    I don't know who sent you those pictures, but they're not reflecting the reality at all!!

    Actually, this picture i'm commenting on is the closest to the truth. In all canteens, you have multiple choices for entries (generaly, ham, fruits, frieds things or salads), multiple choices for the main plate (fish every friday, otherwise you can choose between meat or anything else, to mix with pastas/rice or vegetables). For the dessert, we have cheese, yoghurt, fruits, or pastries. You can have bread if you want it.

    I also would like to say that it's rare to eat all of your plate, as the staff putts soooooo much food on your plates.

    Next time i'll eat at a canteen (i'm actually 22 now!!) I'll send you a picture

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