Sweden School Lunch - Quorn Sauce and Rice

Country: Sweden

Contents: Taco spiced quorn sauce (vegetarian alternative to meat sauce) with rice. Corn, pickled red pepper, kidney beans with feta cheese and red onion, and water.

Submitted by: Leona

Notes: Looks pretty good. Not the first food that comes to mind when I think of Sweden. Where is the pickled herring?


  1. It looks like a bunch of stuff that came out of a can. Ew.

  2. does not look good, maybe im a pig...125 pound5'8 pig...but this would not be enough food for me!!!lol

  3. I lived in Sweden for a year in high school, and the cafeteria food was wonderful! Also, we got about 1/2 hour to eat lunch, at the very least. Usually more like 45 minutes. This lunch looks like the vegetarian option one of my friends used to go to the kitchen door and knock on to get. We always joked that it looked like Whiskas.

    The shredded carrots in another post from Sweden, the knackebrod, and the lingonsaft were ubiquitous. And all delicious.

  4. I'm born and raised in Sweden, and yes spent the "normal" 12 years in school cafeterias. I'm positive school lunch differs from school to school but the 5 schools I've been too has always served lunch consisting of pasta/rice/potatoes together with sausage, meatballs, fish or minced meat. In my schools it was also common with hamburgers, pizza, tacos, blood pudding, fish sticks, gratins, stroganoff, chicken and different kinds of porridge. The food is meant to be very nutritious and healthy (it's not always though due to budgets).

    There was also "soup of the day", a veggie/vegan dish, different kinds of bread, a big salad bar and halal option.

    Lunch is free for everyone up to year 9. (age around 15) and a lot of schools/preschools also serve free breakfast. The dining halls I've been too have been a bit crammed and loud, but I have always had at least 45 minutes for lunch.


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