USA School Lunch - Sloppy Joes and Chowder

Country: USA

Contents: Sloppy joe, apple, baked beans, crackers, chowder and milk.

Source: ?

Notes: I've seen worse. This is pretty balanced, and probably tastes better than a lot of lunches. Though, chowder and sloppy joes seems like an odd pair.


  1. My kids refuse to eat sloppy joes. They were on the menu yesterday and both of them came home ravenous. I am going to try to stick to packing their lunches except for the sacred "pizza Friday."

    I think the meat in those things is mechanically separated commodity meat thickened with cheap wheat gluten anyway, probably just as well if they don't eat it.

  2. According to the Simpsons, they are made from recycled gym mats.

  3. Yep, recycled gym mats. And a cold carton of Malk to wash it down with.


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