Japan School Lunch - Broiled Fish and Rice

Country: Japan (Asa Jr. High School)

Contents: Broiled fish, rice with vegetables and a tofu and vegetable soup.

Source: http://grayinjapan.blogspot.com/2008/11/japanese-school-lunches.html

Notes: Some people would drop $10+ for this meal at a resteraunt in the USA.

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  1. No kidding, that lunch (except for the metal bowls) looks delicious. My favorite soup at our local Chinese restaurant in a suburb north of Pittsburgh, PA, is tofu with vegetables for two, and my husband said that it seems easy that I could make it. Right! If I made it, it would be bland. I need a lesson in spices - this is meant to be a broader suggestion for school lunches - using spices and herbs to make healthy food taste as good as it does in other countries. thank you for letting me rant.


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