Slovakia School Lunch - Roasted fish and Sweet Potatoes

Country: Slovakia

Contents: Roasted fish, sweet potatoes and carrot, radish & red pepper salad.

Source: Tony

Notes: Very, very healthy and fresh. Looks absolutely delicious.


  1. usually we dont get so much vegie :D

  2. That looks sooo yummy! Everything is so bright and fresh looking!

  3. To máte už akú pohodu! Keby my takéto máme...:) To je z ktorého mesta..? :) Musím tu aj ja dať neco "dobrého" od nás..:D

  4. no zas az tak zle nam tu nevaria (TUKE)

  5. It supose to be school lunch? I´m from Slovakia and I never saw something even close looking to this in school cafeteria.

  6. Actually, I'm from Slovakia and I have never eaten sweet potatoes. I didn't even know that we can actually buy it here.

  7. Am I blind or why can’t I see sweet potatoes?!

    Carrots, bell peppers, radish, normal potatoes.
    , fish...?

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