USA School Lunch - Bologna Sandwich and Grapes

Country: USA

Contents: Bologna & Cheese on wheat bread (it is supposed to look like a crown) with pickle chips, grapes, pretzels and a homemade cookie bar.

Source: Momof3

Notes: I wish my Mom had been that creative with my school lunches. I know some people don't like bologna, but if you get the good stuff, especially the stuff from the deli counter, it is totally delicious. Also, I have that same Tupperware (top right), good stuff, I like it.


  1. Hey, that looks familiar. Just wanted to add that both the bologna and cheese are from the deli counter. Yes, the storage containers are good. I try to make it as much of a waste free lunch as possible. Looking into getting cloth napkins and the laptop lunch systems at some point as well.

  2. Yeah, I love deli bologna.


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