USA School Lunch - Chicken and Corn

Country: USA

Contents: Chicken, corn, milk and apples.


Notes: To the schools credit, it does provide pleanty of un-fried protein and two servings of fruits/veggies. Could use some grains, perhaps some bread. All in all, you could do worse.


  1. I'd eat that for lunch. Not exciting, but not particularly gross or unhealthy. Maybe slap some sriracha on the chicken?

  2. Just picturing this lunch on a nice white dish with silver utensils makes me think people would imagine it being more "healthy".

    Not bad not bad...

  3. It's good that the apples are cut up like that, I think the kids are more likely to eat them when they are presented like that. At the same time, it's stupid that they need packaging. The packaging makes me wonder when they were sliced and if there is a lot of preservative on them. ???

  4. I think the worst thing about this lunch is probably the container... bleh.

  5. There is absolutely no reason to add bread. The corn is starchy enough. As it is, it has a fairly reasonable glycemic load. Bread would be wrong on many levels.

  6. Would be nice to see a veggie in there as well. Corn is a starch.


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