USA School Lunch - Hamburger and Iced Tea

Country: USA

Contents: Hamburger, tater tots, chocolate chip cookie, iced tea.


Notes: Those tater tots look like tater tots are supposed to look, dark, crispy and delicious.


  1. Nice to see something besides milk, I hated having milk at lunch. Still though I'm willing to bet this "iced tea" is a poor high fructose corn syrup excuse for tea.

  2. This looks like the Plan B lunch I'd usually have in high school (Catholic school in Pennsylvania) when I didn't like whatever the meal of the day was. Actually the burger looks better; ours were kept on the steam table until the patty turned grey and the bun got squishy. Tasty, but not exactly the most nutritious choice I could have made!

  3. I work as a school cook in a Parochial school. My only complaint about this meal is that those are a lot of tater tots. The serving on any box of tater tots is 6. Now mind you my kids would love to have that many tater tots!

  4. I wonder why Americans are so fat...


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