USA School Lunch - Hot Dog and Potato Chips

Country: USA

Contents: Hot dog, french fries, potato chips, ketchup, baked beans and a Squeeze It (punch).


Notes: Fries and chips? Yikes. At least give the kids milk, chips are enough of a treat. And look how small the beans are.


  1. Sure that's not chili for the hotdog? :)
    And how ironic is the caption, "Pupils are participating in National School Lunch Week this week, which teaches the importance of eating healthy." Eesh.

  2. It could be chili, you are right. I found the caption pretty ironic as well. Nothing says nutrition like chips and punch.

  3. How many serving of potatoes can you fit in one lunch?

    Maybe this lunch was an example of what not to eat if you want to eat healthy?

  4. I found the original article that went with it (sounds like there were more pictures at one point)

    I love that the example of healthy choices is sweet potato corn bread. Not that that doesn't sound delicious but it's not exactly broccoli.

  5. Oh cool thanks. That corn bread does sound good... Now I'm hungry.

  6. I didn't know they still made squeeze-its! I remember those from when I was a kid. They were really good frozen and then allowed to thaw until they were still slushy.

    But they were also REALLY sweet and probably had no actual fruit in them, more like drinking a melted popcicle.


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