India School Lunch Menu

Country: India

Source: Thanks Parshu N.

Notes: This is a relatively privileged school with mostly children of professionals (bankers, lawyers, business executives, media people, writers, artists etc)– here’s the all-vegetarian weekly lunch menu for my 6-year old.


  1. I love Indian food: I wish the U.S. school food system allowed it in our cafeterias! ;(
    P.S. Interesting with the Western-inspired meal on Friday.

  2. Yes, with Pizza Hut, Domino's, McDonnel's, KFC etc opening many branches in Indian metros, kids have started enjoying Pasta and other such stuff not available in my school days - of course "Veggie Supreme Deluxe" is their top selling pizza - and McAloo tikki ( McPotato cutlet) the top selling burger and thin crust pepperoni the least popular for Indian taste-buds :-) though millions of Indians eat meat and seafood - there is a strong vegetarian streak in hindu culture


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