Japan School Lunch - Stew and Bread

Country: Japan

Contents: Stew, bread and stir fry(?)

Source: ?

Notes: That's a lot of bread. The stew looks really good. What is the Japanese word for stew?


  1. They say "シチュー" shichuu. Just the Japanese pronunciation of "stew".

    I've never been given two breads before. But that lunch looks like an elementary school lunch. The bread sizes for the teachers and students are different. This looks like a teacher who snagged an extra kid size bread.

  2. Looks like curry rather than stew, though. Japanese stew is usually a cream stew, basically a thick white sauce. Its a little odd to have bread instead of rice with Japaense curry, but since it is something they do in southeast asia more regularly, it's not unthinkable.


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