UK School Lunch - Pasta and Veggies

Country: UK

Contents: Pasta , green beans, sweetcorn, salad, bread and a choice of jelly (jello) or a biscuit (cookie) for dessert.

Source: Thanks Michael J.

Notes: Healthy and delicious. The more I see school lunch from other countries, the more I am confused about our own school lunches. I honestly remember my school lunches being healthy, balanced and delicious. Did that really change in such a short (relatively) amount of time?


  1. It's good that this lunch has a lot of veggies, but it seems a little light on the protien.

    Some of the USA school lunches are ok, but a lot are downright awful. I guess it varies a lot across the country. I already knew the reason poor people are fatter than rich people in this country is because junk food is cheaper than healthy food, but it's sad that public schools are contributing to that.

    It seems to me like the Japanese school lunches are consistently good. They all look like something I'd be happy to get at a Japanese restaurant.

  2. Lunches managed to get worse just in the five years between when I graduated high school and when my sister did. It's rather ridiculous.

    And to follow up on Amanda's post, green beans and sweet corn are actually fairly decent sources of protein. Same with pasta, particularly if it's whole grain or enriched. It's not as much as meat, but it's certainly adequate for the average schoolchild's lunch. As Americans we tend to assume any meatless meal lacks protein and therefore end up eating far more than we need to.

  3. Amanda, there are other children with what looks like chili con carne with rice on their plates. The pasta was probably a vegetarian option.

  4. School lunches in the US deteriorated largely because of political reasons. Some people feel they shouldn't have to subsidize meals for other people's children. So now we have ketchup as a vegetable. The cafeteria of the middle school where I taught offered grotty pizza & burgers almost every day, but they also offered decent meals, more like what we had when I was younger. Sadly, the kids preferred the crap over oven baked fried chicken, homemade soup, turkey dinner (real turkey, cranberry sauce & dressing made from the cafeteria ladies' own recipes), etc.


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