UK School Lunch - Pizza and Peas

Country: UK

Contents: Pizza, peas, bread and fruit salad

Source: Michael J.

Notes: The pizza is actually shaped like pizza. Interesting. I don't see the point of having bread with pizza, that's just like having extra crust, right? Anyway, looks good.


  1. eating bread with pizza ( and other stuff) is maybe a european thing? I'm from Belgium and I love a piece of buttered bread with my pizza ( or with my lasagna)

  2. I agree - plus, it may well be garlic bread, which is almost always served with pizza/lasagne in this sort of meal

  3. There is always some kind of bread served in the UK school lunches for example the other week my daughter didn't want the mashed potato that went with the salmon, corn, peas and salad so had bread as her starch instead which is fine with me.


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