Slovakia School Lunch - Smoked Mackerel

Country: Slovakia

Contents: Smoked mackerel, bread, red pepper and tomato salad, kiwi, apple, and a milk cake.

Source: Thanks Tony!

Notes: This lunch is from a college in Slovakia. I don't recall college students eating this healthy when I was in school. Speaking of, I'll be going to graduate school this fall. Maybe I can snab some pictures of the undergrads lunches.


  1. That's 4 portions of fruit/veg in one meal! Wow.
    The 'milk cake' looks like a kinder chocolate bar

  2. Yeah, it does look like a candy bar, but "milk cake" is how Tony (submitter) described it.

  3. its a Kinder Milk Slice
    they are delicious but they have been discontinued where i live :(

  4. google 'Milchschnitte' that's what the 'Milk cake' is. It's a creamy filling and incredibly yummy.

  5. Wow. You REALLY don't want to know what I ate for lunch in university. If I was lucky, it was Tim Hortons...if not...well, let's just say multivitamins saved me.

  6. that looks delicious, i'd pay decent for money for that.


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