UK School Lunch - Vegetable Curry

Country: UK

Contents: Vegetable curry, tomato, spinach, cauliflower and a fruit salad

Source: Michael J.

Notes: Healthy and delicious, though no real strong source of protein. I think lamb would go well with the meal.


  1. Should have added beans... that'd given the protein.

  2. It's a vegetarian dish. The vegetables contain enough protein for a child's lunch.

  3. Woah! Are those real knives and forks?? How on earth do British kids manage to eat their meals without losing eyes or disemboweling their neighbor?

  4. The average elementary school aged child needs approximately 24-28 grams of protein per day. Split amongst 3 meals per day, that's 8-9 grams per meal. The spinach alone could cover that, not including the protein in rice (yes, rice has protein) and possibly the vegetable curry. So could we please lay off all the various vegetarian children and cultures in the world?


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