USA School Lunch - Meatballs and Rice

Country: USA

Contents: Meatballs, mixed vegetables and rice.

Source: ?

Notes: Actually not all that bad, compared to a lot of lunches out there. What do you suppose that boy is saying about the meatball? "I didn't know horse meat came in meatball form?"


  1. HAHAHA!

    "What do you think they put in this?"

  2. All I see is corn, corn and more corn. Very little of that is vegetables. Corn is a grain, and there's a ton of it on their tray. That meatball is probably made up of corn fed meats (of who knows what) made with a corn filler. It probably has some corn syrup in it too. In the mixed vegetables are more corn, sugar peas and carrots. Essentially this whole meal is sugar.


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