USA School Lunch - Chips and Corn

Country: USA

Contents: Chips, ground turkey, black beans, banana, corn, and 1% milk.

Source: Thanks Ed!

Notes: Well, let's look at the positives here. The chips are corn chips, which are preferable to most potato chips. There are black beans, which are big in nutrients. The meat is turkey, which is lower in fat. The corn is still on the cob. Bananas are great for you. And finally, the milk is low fat. Baby steps.


  1. Too bad low fat dairy is so popular in the USA.

    Whole fat dairy is great for your body and will make it easier for the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins.

    Also, drinking full fat milk keeps you full much longer than drinking the waterish low fat variants.

    In fact, countries that serve a lot of low fat light "food" usually have the highest percentage of obese people ...

    1. They serve low-fat milk because they are obese..... Let's try use logic now, shall we?

  2. I agree with the above comment. Most of what people in the US deem "healthy" are standards set by our highly-flawed medical system (all run by the pharmaceutical companies). Frankly, they have no real interest in seeing us all healthy! Low fat milk is not healthier than high fat. And the GMO corn we saw on that tray (yes, virtually all non-organic corn is GMO) is about as unhealthy as you can get. Everything they are serving is highly processed, pesticide-laden and nutrient deficient. Go USA! :(

  3. Your fascinating blog is much-needed food for thought for an American parent. Thanks.


  4. Massive carbohydrate load for a growing child. Really unhealthy meal.


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