Czech Republic School Lunch - Fried Cheese

Country: Czech Republic

Contents: Vegetable soup, potatoes and fried cheese with tartar sauce and parsley, and juice.

Source: S.K.

Notes: Fried cheese? Yum. Have you ever had cheese on a stick from Hot Dog on a Stick?


  1. How about fried cheese on top of a macaroni laden hot dog? Mmm.

  2. Would that be like haloumi cheese? Yum.

  3. Fried cheese with fries is one of the treats, popular among people (children, adults) in the CR, it's something like a pub meal, fast food meal, something which is not on offer at "better" restaurants. In Czech school canteens it's served only from time to time beacuse it's not healthy (fried, with fatty tartar sauce) to add to the diversity of lunches... It's same as with pancakes filled with sweet cheese with chocolate topping, fries, pizza (a version resembling more a bun topped with onions, vegetables and ketchup)-all always popular among kids on days when cooked at the canteens but that happens only from time to time because kids should eat healthy and they are easily tempted.

    I don't believe in the "give them a choice" thing in the US. Most kids will always choose a fatty or too sweet alternative lacking vegetables or fruit. Kids are just kids, they should be led. The goal is to have healthy kids, to make them eat healthy and to make them get used to eating balanced meals. Many of them don't eat in this way at home (especially in the US, which is a well-known thing). Don't give them a choice, just put normal meal on their trays, "do whatever you want, kid, with this, if you are hungry you will eat it (and get used to it)".

    Well, the other thing is, that the kids could ban the canteen, canteen won't have enough money to pay the stuff (I don't know if I can call the ladies "cooks" because do they really cook or just fry or heat frozen, prepacked food transported to schools?), get afraid and start to give kids another loads of horrible meals...


  4. I would devour everything on that tray!

    The vegetable soup looks healthful enough to erase the guilt of the fried cheese!


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