Madagascar School Lunch - Rice and Vegetables

Country: Madagascar (Antsirabe)
Contents: Rice and veggies.
Source: Charlotte. Her blog:
Notes: She says that every day they eat rice and vegetables, and once a week they have meat.

Also, here are two photos from a birthday party at the school in Madagascar:


  1. I'm happpy to see my pictures here ! I can add that they eat in the classroom when the weather is quite cold, but normaly they eat outdoor, sitted on the floor. We can also see some children helping their young brother to eat because they go to school with them (since they are able to walk).

    This pictures have been taken in Zazakely in Antsirabe !

  2. Why do "poor" kids eat the healthiest school lunch?

    1. You're mistaken, most of the poorest countries in the world (top poorest located in Africa followed by Asia) offer basically a bowl of rice, if anything. In fact, I'm amazed that the school in the pictures provides good food (although there seems to be a lack of grains) since Madagascar is in the list of the world's poorest countries. Almost sure that the school receives benefits of some kind of international program.


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