USA School Lunch - Uncrustables

Country: USA

Contents:  Smuckers Uncrustable, apple, chocolate milk, rice crispy treat, lays potato chips, mystery item wrapped in tin foil.
Source: Evelyn G.

Notes: Thank you Evelyn for the picture. Certainly looks like a lunch a child would be happy to eat, though it certainly isn't uber-healthy. Your thoughts?


  1. I had to google "uncrustable". I'm guessing it's full of jam? Maybe peanut butter if the school hasn't banned nuts. So a lunch of four sugary things, one salty fat thing and whatever is in the tinfoil that I'm betting she won't eat anyway. I bet the apple doesn't get more than a few nibbles either. Blech. :-(

  2. I may be old, but can remember when junk food was for rich people and Christmas. Now we feed this to our kids everyday.


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