India School Lunch - Crackers

Country: India?

Contents: Looks like some type of cracker. Probably high protein.

Source: UN World Food Program / Shehzad Noorani

Notes: Any thoughts on the country or the food?


  1. Zooming in on the papers in front of the girl, I think I can make out two different forms of script: one looks similar to Hindi and the other is kind of like Urdu. Based on that alone, I'd take a guess that it's somewhere in India, possibly one of the north-eastern states around Arunachal Pradesh.

  2. The little boy in the back struggling to get his packet of crackers open! Adorable.

  3. This is actually Bangladesh, a country beside india. The book in front of the girl is known as "Amar Boi" (translation:My book), a teaching material for Bengali Language. This book is issued by government and taught in every school, from public to private, across the country. Can't say anything about the crackers though, it seems they are in some sort of food programs run by either government or NGO's for the underprivileged children.

  4. This must be snack time. I am not very sure about Bangladesh, but in India schoolchildren get somewhat ok, balanced full meals ( rice, lentil, veggies) for lunch. For many, it is their only complete meal for the entire day.


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