USA School Lunch - Enchiladas

Country: USA

Contents: Beef and Cheese Enchiladas, Spanish Rice, beans a la charra, strawberries, skim milk!

Source: Liz P.

Notes: Looks delicious to me!


  1. Ewww...those enchiladas look disgusting. Rice looks completely dry. How that looks delicious to anyone is beyond me.

  2. Ohh they look good! I miss those enchiladas

  3. How can they serve enchiladas and beans with MILK? This american trend I will never understand. Milk itself is a food, and instead of serving low fat milk(or so called chocolate milk(
    ??)) with mexican food school should serve still water or juice.

    1. It is not an American trend to serve milk with a meal. Growing up in Ireland, we always had milk. The same was true at my children's school in Glasgow. Live, let live, and understand that customs are not necessarily bad just because they differ from your own. Peace .

    2. "Milk itself is a food"? No it's not. Besides, Mexican meals are often served with horchata, which is much sweeter and more like a dessert, so I'm not sure I see your point.


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