USA School Lunch - Cucumber Salad

Country: USA (New York)

Contents: Cold cucumber and sesame pasta with oil, vinegar, pepper vinaigrette and sliced cheese; boiled egg and chocolate chip cookies wrapped in tinfoil

Source: Rachel

Notes: "I'm a graduate student in Parsons NYC; to save money, I tend to pack lunches for myself. I like to make quick lunches that can be all packed into one box, and each lunch costs me around $1.25~$2.00 (since I buy ingredients seasonally, and buy bulk and at cheaper places). I hope more college students realize that living cheaply doesn't mean eating badly/Ramen all the time; it's very easy to do both and if you cook weekly and portion it out you don't need to keep making things everyday."

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  1. I'm grad student, teacher, and parent I do the exact same thing for myself and my family. It seriously saves a ton of money.


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