USA School Lunch - Beef Patty

Country: USA (Summer Day Camp)

Contents: Brown rice with almond slivers, beef patty, orange slices, mayonnaise and broccoli

Source: Anonymous

Notes: Looks healthier and tastier than a lot of school lunches.


  1. Those "almonds" in the rice are actually 'Orzo' pasta. It's Rice Pilaf.

    1. Actually, they really were almonds in brown rice. Not rice pilaf.

  2. Yuck! Mayonnaise is so unhealthy & should not be served with school lunches. If kids are never given unhealthy condiments then they won't develop a taste for them. We hardly ever eat condiments in our house. They are just setting kids up for failure later in life.

  3. my daughter says it tastes like crap. We send her a lunch. No Mayonnaise? People like you take the joy out of life.

  4. where is the roll for the hamburger? Why are they getting sour cream? what is that for. This is horrible. this is a lunch that might be given to starving countries but not the USA.....I feel for the children. This is not even enough for a small child...and if the child had only this one meal for the day I pity the child who will be hungry all day

  5. And since when are potatoes not healthy? How about a nice big Idaho potato, masked with butte and sour cream, a side of slice chicen, a glass of tomato juice and jello or chocolate pudding for dessert. This will fill the empty stomach of a child so they can think better.

  6. I wonder who is making up all these meals? Whoever it is should eat this as the only meal they have for the day. Bet they are eating roasted chicken or steak or better yet a Lobster tail, coffee and cake. and a drink on the side


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