New Obama School Lunch Regulations

Students Criticize Michelle Obama's School Lunch Regulations.
What are your thoughts on the new regulations? What have your children said? I work with kids and a lot of them have reported being very hungry.


  1. My kids are hungry if they get school lunch. My middleschooler said everyone gets the salads because then they at least get a cookie with it, the salad is the only food that's filling.

    It would be one thing if they had done away with processed foods in favor of lunches made from scratch on-site, but they didn't. Instead of fixing the problem, now the kids are just hungry. This is NOT the answer.

    My kids now pack 2% or whole milk boxes with non-GMO food--usually leftovers of the previous night's dinner, with a fruit and a vegetable, sometimes a dessert, and they never complain about being hungry. Real food fills you up.

  2. The new and revised menu are lacking in sufficient protein and fats. No wonder the bellies are growling.

  3. My students are satisfied. They don't complain about being hungry but they DO say they are not full. I want to point out that being full at every meal is unhealthy.

  4. Watching these food blogs I've noticed that the options in the US look minimal. I wasn't sure why but now u know! That's so sad. It's hard to learn when you are hungry :(


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