USA School Lunch - Chicken Noodel Soup

Country: USA

Contents: Chicken noodle soup, apple slices, herbed baby carrots, and a garden salad.

Source: Kyle S

Notes: I would probably leave the lunchroom a little hungry, but I'm an adult. This is certainly much healthier than many of the other USA lunches previously posted.


  1. Look at all those carrots! I see these pictures of the meal on the plate, and I think "Where's the Beets?" ;-)

    Otherwise you are right, it is a good looking lunch.

    1. they spelt noodles wronggggggggggggggggggg

    2. I do not believe that the person above thinks this is a good lunch. I notice she or he did not add his name. I would like to see them walk around all day on a bowl of soup?

  2. you spelled noodle wrong

  3. A child of any age would leave the table hungry. This is not a lunch for others to eat or enjoy. 2 small pieces of apple? My goodness, if this is the only meal I child has they would walk around starved...Shame. We could do better. Kids do not like all they would have for all day is a bowl of soup? This would leave them all hungry.

  4. Where is the bread or roll Shame


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