Diabetic Girl Served Pizza from the Trash

A Utah mom is outraged after she learned school lunch staff fed her daughter pizza that had been placed in a garbage can.

The eighth-grader at Pleasant Grove Junior High has learning disabilities and suffers from diabetes. Wednesday, after taking an insulin dose to account for the pizza, she went to the cafeteria only to be told the meal was gone.

Alpine School District officials said the 10-minute bell had rung and the lunch staff had already cleaned up most of the food. The girl insisted on having pizza until the lunch manager offered her some leftovers that had already been thrown away.


  1. I guess it depends on the trash can. While I would never prefer to eat out of the trash, what choice did they really have? If the girl refused to eat anything else, and knowing that the insulin dose was already administered. One choice is unsavory, the other dangerous.


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