Pork Sandwich and Chips

Country: USA

Contents: Pork patty sandwich, BBQ flavored potato chips, Rice Krispies Treat. apple, slice of cantaloupe, beans.

Source: Chrissy S.

Notes: "Our school was "pushing" to send your kids to school for the summer lunch program to ensure they received a healthy lunch even when school was out. I'm still trying to figure out what is nutricious about this lunch."


  1. love your blog! school lunches were the best. I miss them.

    -A from Sweden

  2. There are two pieces of fruit but no veg? Potato chips are worse for kids teeth than plain candy.

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  4. at least they got cantaloupe, an apple and some beans. the pork is probably pretty good quality but its better than most of the garbage they would find at home to eat over the summer.....

    teach kids to make good food choices and control other meals they eat at home and when going out.

    its an all inclusive effort to get kids to be healthier.


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