Estonia School Lunch - Potatoes and Meat

Country: Estonia

Contents: Potatoes, shredded carrot, meat, cranberry juice

Submitted by: Anonymous

Notes: I could be off on my description of contents. Looks like a nice hardy meal though.


  1. So this is what defrosted cavemen ate in the early nineties?


  2. Its a meatloaf, carrot salad an boiled potatoes. Sauce is missing from the plate, must say that most of Estonian dishes will have flour thickened gravy (sauce) on the side.
    You usually get a dessert also - semolina porridge and kiisel (starch thickened ...mmm fruit juice with fruit pieces) or bread soup with sour-cream ; baked curd cheese with raisins, and many more!

  3. That is what i ate 13 years ago in my school :) And for a dessert: caramel custard ;)


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