Russia School Lunch - Boiled Buckwheat and Podliva

Country: Russia (Serpuhov, Serpuhovskoy Military Institute of Rocket Army)

Contents: Boiled buckwheat (aluminium bowl in the middle). Sugar (in the dish near the bowl closer to us). Podliva (in a dish near the bowl further from us). Poldiva is sort of like gravy. It's ingredients are: a) water b) fat c) 4-10 little pieces of canned stewed meat. One egg per person. Tea. Butter (on the right in the "triangle"). White bread. Black bread. Soup.

Submitted by: Alex Z.

Notes: Although not technically a school, lots of these soldiers are school aged kids.


  1. Hi! I am from Russia.
    In this photo, not school. This is a military school (we have there in like the army).

  2. A simple meal. But probably more edible than your average MRE.


  3. I'm from Russia and i think they should feed our boys better! Although i LOVE boiled buckweat and podliva, but sinse it's military school where the majority of students are boys, they should get some meat, lots of meat.

  4. where is the vodka???


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