Taiwan School Lunch - Soup and Rice

Country: Taiwan

Contents: Chicken soup boiled with beef meat balls, salad, rice, greens, fried meat (fish perhaps)
Notes: Not huge portions, but healthy and probably enough. Soup looks a little bland. What is it called? Is it any good?


  1. Soup is probably chicken soup boiled with Beef meat balls. It's pretty good, comfort food.

  2. soup is simple clear beef broth with meatballs. very tasty. taiwanese lunches are SO MUCH better than ones in the US. this is prolly a elementary school portion.

  3. Most schools do not serve lunch. Students bring their own lunch...this must be in a private school. I remember when I was in the catholic school in Taiwan, the lunch I had looks somewhat similar to this.

    1. Mst Taiwan elementary and middle schools serve free (or discount) hot lunch for students.

  4. I think most Taiwanese elementary and middle schools nowadays provide lunch to students. But it is a new thing.

    When I was young, they didn't offer lunch at school in Taiwan. Each student would bring a metal lunch box (no cartoon color, heavy duty type, with your name on it). Inside the metal lunch box, there are usually rice and 2~3 left over dishes from last night's dinner or what their parents prepared early in the morning. Then there is a big steamer (size of a room) in school. Students will take turn to collect everyone's lunch boxes in a big drawer and send to the steamer in the morning. At noon, the drawer full of lunch boxes would be brought back to each class. Students can have hot home made lunch this way. (Because the large steamer has more water and steam circulating in it, food is less likely to come out dry.)

    Teachers usually check if you've finished everything your mom prepared for you in the lunch box. So it is kinda hard to be a picky eater, too.


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