South Korea School Lunch - Rice and Bulgogi

Country: South Korea

Contents: Rice, bulgogi (marinated beef, mushrooms, and onions), a jello-like substance made with acorn flour, marinated greens and turnips.

Submitted by: Charity W.

Notes: The jello substance made with acorn flour seems a little strange to me. Can anyone describe it's taste?


  1. i thought it was very uncommon to serve all the food on a platter in korea, since they would mingle and ruin the flavour - or something like that.

    the acorn stuff is called dotori-mook (basically, acorn-jelly). it's a bit bitter and nutty(not like peanuts though), it's hard to describe. it's often served with soy based sauces. it might be an acquired taste but i like it.

  2. the acorn jelly doesn't have much flavor of its own, it's usually served with a soy sauce based salad for flavor

  3. Nice variety, but too much marinated food. not good for the stomach as it increase the risk of malignant transformation.

  4. It tastes sort of bitter, if you would really like to know.

  5. Its 도토리묵. (dotorimook) It tastes bitter, if you want to know. I live in South Korea. There are better foods than these.

  6. 묵의 한 종류입니다. 묵은 보통 저렇게 간장과 야채를 조려서 먹지요. "Mook" is eaten seasoned.


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