Tanzania School Lunch - Ugali and Chicken

Country: Tanzania

Contents: Ugali, chicken, greens, dipping sauce, watermelon salad.

Submitted by: Anonymous

Notes: The ugali is the white mound, that looks like mashed potatoes. Ugali is a Swahili word for an East African dish which is a cornmeal product and a staple starch component of many African meals. It is commonly made from maize flour and water, and varies in consistency from porridge to a dough-like substance.

Also, based on the nice plates, I would assume this is a very nice, very expensive private school.

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  1. Wow..how did you come up with such a nice idea man!? I looove Ugali, the starch from Ugali is very strong. I you eat Ugali you become veery strong...

    I am from Tanzania and its our major food, there are some other food but in every home there are one or two people who cant live without Ugali...am one of them...lol



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