Japan School Lunch - Soup and Meat

Country: Japan

Contents: Udon noodles in a soy broth topped with slices of fried tofu. Tempura sweet potato, and squid or a white fish tempura. Spinach, bean sprout, and tuna salad.

Notes: Serious question. What would be the proper way to drink the soup broth without a spoon?

Thanks for helping to identify the food!


  1. For the soup, you're supposed to eat the noodles and such with the chopsticks, and then drink the broth directly from the bowl.

    I can't tell what the greens in the salad are - maybe lettuce, seaweed, or even kudzu. It looks like there are pieces of something else too (bamboo shoots? daikon?).

    The fried things look like fish tempura.

  2. Looks like some sort of vegetable tempura and udon soup to me.

  3. The noodles are kitsune udon. Udon noodles in a soy broth topped with slices of fried tofu.

    The salad looks like a typical spinach, bean sprout, canned tuna mix.

    The fried bits are tempura. The one on top looks like a slice of tempura sweet potato. The bottom one is probably squid or a white fish of some sort.

  4. Yup, the salad is definitely spinach - that's the way it is in 99% of the cases. And it is definitely a Japanese school lunch looking at the volume! I have to eat it from Monday to Friday, since 18 years now! And "Doc" is right in reference to slurping the soup from the bowl. Ever heard the noises my Japanese friends make eating udon (and / or ramen)!?!

    More to come in the future and by the way - GREAT blog. Glad that I found it!!


  5. As someone who lived in Japan to study the language and culture (short time, it was all I could afford out of pocket, saving up to go back). To eat the soup without a spoon is pretty simple, you first eat the noodles and veggies with the chopsticks, then you put the soup up to your mouth and drink the broth.


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