USA School Lunch - Turkey Sandwich and Peaches

Country: USA

Contents: Turkey sandwich on wheat bread, peaches, juice, granola bar, and Cheetos.

Notes: I'd say at least half of students bring lunch from home in the USA. This is probably pretty typical, wouldn't you say? Mmm, Cheetos.

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  1. When we moved to Barcelona from California, I quickly had to change my lunch sandwich packing habit to preparing three course meals.

    This summer, I spent 6 weeks in the nursery classroom of both my children, before my daughter entered 1st grade in the fall. Hot lunch was made on site, fresh and tasty. Packed lunches were brought with little bottles of olive oil to drizzle their salad or soup first course. I have checked school lunch menus at many schools to compare. Seems that the school lunch menus could easily be the menu of a typical Catalan restaurant! I wrote a blog about it here:


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