USA School Lunch - Spaghetti and Green Beans

Country: USA

Contents: Spaghetti with meatballs, chocolate milk, roll, green beans, fruit cocktail.

Source: ?

Notes: Looks pretty healthy and delicious. Oh how I miss school lunch rolls, so soft and tasty. In high school in the al a carte line they had the best cheese rolls, the size of your head. Get yourself one of those, and a side of marinara sauce, and you are in business. Though admittedly, I would occasionally buy a side of nacho cheese sauce instead, and dip the bread in there. Mmm.


  1. Looks like the kids are having touble eating the noodles with those sporks.

    Ahh...remember the days when you could have an actual fork at school without being tazed and arrested as a terrorist?

  2. It all started with safety scissors. Pretty soon they will want to replace sharp pencils with sidewalk chalk.


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