USA School Lunch - Chicken Ranch Salad

Country: USA (Nebraska)

Contents: Salad with chicken and cheese, ranch dressing, bread stick.

Source: Thanks K.M.!

Notes: This is just the entree. I'm sure it tastes ok. I've heard that Ice Berg Lettuce is totally void of nutrients.


  1. Iceberg lettuce isn't devoid of nutrients, but it's pretty close. It's mostly water, after all. To compare:

    One cup of iceberg lettuce:
    8 calories
    0.5 gram protein
    0.7 gram fiber
    10 mg calcium
    78 mg potassium
    1.5 mg vitamin C
    16 mcg folate
    13.3 mcg of vitamin K
    164 mcg beta carotene
    152 mcg of lutein + zeaxanthin

    One cup of romaine lettuce has:
    8 calories
    0.58 gram protein
    1 gram fiber
    16 mg calcium
    116 mg potassium
    11.3 mg vitamin C
    64 mcg folate
    48.2 mcg vitamin K
    1637 mcg beta carotene
    1087 mcg of lutein + zeaxanthin.

  2. Interesting, thanks. Romaine puts iceberg to shame with those last few.


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