USA School Lunch - Nachos and Tater Tots

Country: USA

Contents: Nachos with chili and cheese, tater tots, a plum and chocolate milk.


Notes: Healthy? No. Tasty? Maybe. I love nachos. I do, they are delicious. But, that being said, I wouldn't eat them for lunch, nor would I serve them for lunch. At least, not those nachos.


  1. Why are all the American meals incredibly unhealthy? I mean, really, kids are a captive eating audience. The school boards really can make them eat better if they wanted.

    Also, what is that chunky stuff on the nachos? There's too much "cheese" on it to see.

  2. It's either chili or hamburger. It's not a good sign when you can't tell the difference.

  3. serving it with tater tots? My arteries are clogging just looking at this. Atleast serve it with a side dish thats not starchy and fried in grease. I admit I always loved the nachos for lunch but it's incredibly unhealhty especially as an entree!

  4. I love nachos.
    But I HATED the nachos my school served for lunch. They never had chili, meat or vegetables. It was just "nacho cheese" on plain tortilla chips. And not even normal nacho cheese! It was this non-dairy cheese flavored substitute liquid made from a powder. Pale, watery and tasted like coffee creamer with a chalky aftertaste. Gag me.

    As an aside, I once paid about US$10 for FOUR nacho chips in Tokyo. I was quite angry. Beware misleading menu photos.


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