USA School Lunch - Chili and Chips

Country: USA

Contents: Chili, chips, orange, beans, chocolate milk


Notes: Chili? Hardly. It looks like the stuff they put on hot dogs at the gas station. Green beans look fresh, probably flash frozen after harvest, which is a good thing. Beats canned. Nice orange, though there are lots of kids that won't eat them if they have to peel them.


  1. I couldn't be bothered to peel the oranges either...

  2. Wait, are those blue corn chips, or goofy lighting?

  3. Scary things about chili - you can never be too sure what it is. One place I taught served spaghetti with meat sauce. The meat sauce then became chili, which sometimes became taco meat, and then there was the mystery meat based soup on Fridays that was all that leftovers. Yuck!


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