India School Lunch - Rice and Curry

Country: India

Contents: Rice and curry (anyone know the exact contents?)

Source: (AP Photo/Mahesh Kumar A.)

Notes: Looks like there is certainly pleanty of it.


  1. I am an Indian citizen.
    I never had rice and curry for lunch in school.None of my friends from school ate this.
    I had Sandwiches,pasta,idlis(rice pudding)and a lot of other Indian recipes.

    (Not everyone in India is poor.Upload pics of Indian children from middleclas/upper middle class and rich/affluent families...not just poor,unfortunate children.)

  2. Nice blog....great idea.
    Same person who posted the previous comment.

  3. I would love to upload other pictures but I don't have them. If you are able to e-mail me some, that would be fantastic.

  4. It's more likely dal (kind of a lentil soup) than curry --- I ate something like this every day in my last few weeks living in India. Healthy, filling, and tastey.

  5. This is a lunch from a government school. The children are being served rice and sambar (a thin, spicy lentil soup with vegetables like onions, radishes, okra, and white squash) The govt provides a free midday meal to all children who go to these schools. It provides a third of the days calories and half the proteins.


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