USA School Lunch - Chicken Nuggets and Pears

Country: USA

Contents: Chicken nuggets, french fries, pears, an apple and milk.


Notes: Two servings of fruit? Awesome. But let's contrast that with the tray next to his. Zero servings. At my elementary we were required to have one serving of fruit and one of vegetables. Let's hope this school has the same policy.


  1. Most schools operate under the "offered versus served" rule of the USDA's school meals program, meaning kids only have to take three of the items offered. They don't have to take any veg or fruit item as long as there are three other items being offered (milk, chicken nuggets, french fries).

  2. Believe it or not, but french fries count as a serving of vegetables.

  3. also, those pears look like the canned sort, which are basically just syrup and mush..

  4. Long, long ago when the earth was flat and I was in elementary school (in the early~mid 90s) the lunch ladies dished everything up for us. We could choose our own maindishes but the sides were the same for everyone. Usually, a vegetable, fruit or salad. Sometimes we even had a dessert. So, for example, everyone got the green beans and an apple but we could choose between the tuna surprise*, lasagna or biscuits and gravy. Desserts were the occasional chocolate chip cookie or mountain bar. One time, a giant cream puff! What a day that was. All these years later and I still remember that one and only cream puff.

    We also had a rule that vegetables and maindishes must be eaten before any desserts. Teachers sat with their classes in the lunchroom and enforced the rule strictly.

    Do teachers even eat witht their classes anymore?

    *Never choose the tuna surprise.

  5. If you zoom in you will see the milk tray. Its pathetic


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