Norway School Lunch - Brown Cheese Sandwich and Bell Pepper Sticks

Country: Norway

Contents: Homemade whole wheat bread with brown cheese, and red bell pepper sticks.

Source: Thank you Robert and Cindy!

Notes: Brown cheese is a very Norwegian thing. It isn't really cheese, it's made of the whey from goat's and cow's milk, mixed with a little cream and some rennet and then cooked until it starts to turn solid. The brown color comes from the lactose caramelizing as it cooks. His school serves fruit as a mid-morning snack, a choice of apple slices, bananas, or orange slices. They also get their choice of low-fat milk or water for lunch.

Cindy says they don't serve lunch in Norway schools, so they bring it from home. Looks tasty and nutritious. I'd like to try brown cheese.


  1. Mmmm! I miss brown cheese! Sooo good! There is also a certain nostalgia with having a sweaty piece of cheese on a goopy piece of bread...

  2. I almost wish we didn't serve lunch in schools here to not deal with all the backlash from the one or two bad days that there isn't a good meal


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