USA School Breakfast - Apple Jacks Cereal and Strawberry Milk.

Country: USA (Washington DC)

Contents: Apple Jacks cereal and strawberry milk.

Notes: "The strawberry milk contains 28 grams of sugar in an 8-ounce carton. That's the equivalent of more than six teaspoons of sugar, a bit less than Mountain Dew." Cereal, ok I can see that. But with strawberry milk? Come on now, that's excessive. Besides, part of the appeal of cereal is the delicious milk you get to drink once all the cereal is gone. I see no need to add flavored milk.


  1. This is perhaps one of the most frightening things I have ever seen in my life.

  2. I love strawberry milk. I love Apple Jacks cereal.

    But, that right there? That's nasty. It makes my stomach upset just looking at it. Apple Jacks are almost 50% sugar already. You don't have to add another six teaspoons of the stuff.

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  4. ^Sorry needed to edit my post

    I never understood the appeal to adding flavored milk to cereal. I used to get breakfast in elementary school sometimes and all of the kids would add strawberry or more commonly chocolate milk to cereal and I thought it was gross. But back then our cereal was rice krispies or cheerios......this is just horrid.
    Ironic how schools ban things like soda and chips but then serve things like flavored milk, fruit "drinks" with no actual juice, and deep fried greasy food. Whats the difference?

  5. apple jacks are already way too sugary.. when i used to eat cereals like this as a kid, i remember sometimes the milk would almost become chunky/oozy from all the sugar (worst offender = cinnamon toast crunch)

  6. :( Gross. Strawberry milk sounds gross on its own!

  7. Eh, well I'll admit to adding (non-fat) chocolate milk to cereal. I just have an aversion to plain milk in general. I always have. Something about the taste just icks me out.

    Never been a huge fan of strawberry milk, though.

  8. Wow, I don't know if this is weird for me, but I have never seen anyone pour non-white milk into cereal.


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